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For example, you can advertise for
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You'll have 5 years to do so.
Your gift card is valid for 5 years whether you
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Whenever we increase our ad rates, it'll
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You will advertise at:

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Also, you will get a social page (similar to
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There are over 29 million businesses out there. We are
going to target and get at least 100,000



Who would pay $19 or $99 for ad?

A lot of business people would.
For example, we ran a small, tiny line ad in the USA today newspaper.
We spent $280 for a one day ad -Friday, which they called weekend
edition but we received only 20 calls (not 20 orders but inquiries)
and the paper has 3 million circulation
/readers every weekend. Even
if we were under a 1 year contract, we still get to pay $150 a day for the
line ad and it was so tiny you can hardly notice it.
To get results and get more calls than 20, we must keep repeating the
ad. consecutively for at least 3 - 6 times.

Businesses always use more than one way of advertising.

Right now, we can attract more than 40 million visitors a month... BUT
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Bear in mind that the $100 is for 52 weeks/ 12 months ad space..
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Gift Card Club

Now only $19 a year to distributors



In addition to the ad space protection on the
card for 5 years, you'll also get some FREE
benefits for carrying the gift card, These are:


(2nd privilege) Motorists

*Get 3 years of Auto Insurance deductibles
payment. $250 a year. Save up to $750


(3rd privilege) Home Owners

*Get 3 years of Home Insurance deductibles
payment. $250 a year. Save up to $750



(4th privilege) Go to and open
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(5th privilege)

Join ibf-alliance

International Business
Friends Alliance

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The $10 Million Club

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Our system is very simple

We are selling advertising space at
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In addition to that, we are giving you a
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Those are the 5 Membership
Privileges Above

We don't need to overly do it. We don't need to sell more than just
the ad. However, we gave you 4 more free stuff above.




Just the insurance deductibles which we give members for free for
3 years is worth $750 but you get that only when you had an
automobile accident.


It is legal. It is not your insurance company's
problem it's your problem to pay your deductible from your own
pocket. It is legal if a friend or your club can help you pay it. We
did not charge you any money for this service.


The insurance deductibles which we give members for free for
3 years is worth $750 but you get that only when your house had
a fire accident.


The business club which can give you grant. Where club members
help one another
is worth $180 a year and you get it for free


A business page at is $5 a week. $260 a year
but you get it for free. Please don't confuse a business page with regular
social account. Your regular social page at
is free and will always be but your business page at is $5 a week


For example, social page is free at facebook but you pay for your
business page. However, facebook allow you to try it first for free
and get a few "likes" before you start to pay for your business page

Our fee at business page is $5 a week but you get it for
free if you advertise as well at and
pay only $19 for one year ad or if you carry our gift card for $19 which
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The classified ad which you get now for $19 a year
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However, As an end user consumer, you'll pay only
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Note: A distributor can get all of the
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CARD...But gave out a few
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Advertise online. Pay $19 or
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Save: $4,329



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